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    Who is Emily Brightly?

    Wow, that’s a deep question to start with! Okay, let’s get into this…

    Essentially Emily Brightly is my new creative brand. I have been messing about in the art space in the past few years, sewing children’s toys, making jewellery and painting tiny artworks in my spare time but now things are about to get real.

    As of next Friday I will be a self employed artist.

    Holy crapola!

    I am throwing myself in the deep end to make this dream to live a full, intentional and creative life a reality. The next year will be focused on working on my art style, taking classses, meeting new people and generally finding a new space for myself and my work out in the world.

    I want to live more a more colourful, joyous life – to live ‘brightly’ in the world.

    Hence the new name. And I don’t know where this will end up but I am sooooo excited to be on the journey! I hope you come along for the ride!!

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